February 2021

Following the first laser purchase at Ackerman, Graham introduced a 5-year rolling equipment investment programme. This has resulted in the modern and efficient fabrication shop Ackerman offer today.

Here at Ackerman we have invested time and resources to secure engineering skills of tomorrow.

With our modern CNC machinery, we are able to produce a multitude of items from laser cut components through to fully fabricated and welded assemblies, including in house conventional spray and powder painting. Take a look at our capacity lists here.

Not only modern plant and equipment, we keep our heritage close at heart too. Just as a watch maker will always keep his trusted Case Opener and Hand Lifting Levers. We retain the first hydraulic punching machine that David Ackerman purchased new back in 1976. In its day it was a substantial investment which came with its share of sleepless nights. Today 45 years later the pictured Pierce-All is still invaluable when it comes to trying out special tools such as louvers, embosses or to prove uncommon swaging features.

With such comprehensive facilities as we have at Ackerman, we encourage our customers to visit and experience us first-hand. Not wishing to be overly boastful, there are very few sheet metal facilities that are as well-equipped and laid out as ours. Please do get in touch, it would be our pleasure to show you around sales@ackerman-eng.com.