Experience Unmatched Since 1885

April 2021

Here at Ackerman, we are proud of our many staff members that have grown and developed with our company. One of our Purchasing and Contracts Managers has been with Ackerman for over 30 years. A Laser operative has now served 37 years. Both actively embracing retraining to keep pace as new fabrication disciplines develop. These are just a couple of examples; we value our team; we make our journey together. Our company history and the wealth of experience our employees, makes the 136 Years since our foundation unmatched in our industry.

As well as many long-standing employees we believe it is important to welcome new and aspiring engineers. We run sheet metal fabrication training apprenticeships, investing time and resources today for the engineering skills of tomorrow. We support training and development for all our staff, we have run many apprenticeships through a variety of fabrication disciplines. Some of our Apprentices have completed their courses and are now in full time permanent positions within our company. One of our Contracts Engineers started as an apprentice Pressbrake operator, he progressed through the factory and is now a key member of our sales and contracts team.

If you are interested an apprenticeship or a full-time permanent position with Ackerman. We are currently recruiting new team members to join our expanding company. Please have a look at our careers page, here you will find more information or send an email to sales@ackerman-eng.com please do get in touch with your CV, we will see if we have a position that may be suitable for you.